Does anyone fancy writing an operating system?

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There's a guy on Youtube called The 8-Bit Guy, and he's trying to build an entirely new computer from scratch... using a 6502 processor - Yes a commodore 64 processor.

The problem with a genuine commodore 64 is that they're old, 30 years old and more. Plus keeping them working is hard work and complex despite they're age. They also require old parts that could easily die.

So why not an emulator? Well they're not entirely true to the old system, they are emulators, and can be tricky to setup, and you also need a computer of some description to get it working, the idea is that THIS SHOULD be the computer. Not a computer within a computer.

But he'll need help, he's doing well with the hardware and specifications, though there is still work to be done. He is however going to need help with the whole OS and kernals.
Watch the video for more info. Personally I like the idea.

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I have to ask one question. Why?
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