Surprising tech that goes nowhere

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The 3DS is an excellent example of technology that goes nowhere.

Since it was introduced in March 2011 the 3DS has been one of Nintendoes best selling handheld consoles, it featured 2 screens, the top one being 3D and the bottom one being a smaller 2D screen. While the 3D screen was new to consoles handheld or otherwise, the second screen was also innovative and incredibly generous.
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But what's happened since? Nothing. The idea that a second screen is useful is without doubt, so why hasn't anyone picked up the idea an run with it? Why no mobile phones with a screen on the back? Or clamshell phones with dual or triple screens? The PC space has the ability to add a second monitor, but these are usually expensive, but on a small portable device like a phone or iPad? Not so much.

Then there's the apple touch bar. This one is a revolutionary idea, a functional and programable if small screen that has a multitude of uses.

Touch bar

Why aren't we seeing it being sold as an optional extra to PC keyboards? Why haven't apple added it to their own keyboards for desktop users?
Again another idea wasted on one single product.
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I don't think it's the hardware that sells these, it's what games are on it.
Nintendo consoles always sell good because they have a massive game library and it's super popular characters like mario etc.

3D was practically a flash in the pan right? who even buys 3d tv's or gadgets now? Everyone is looking at 2k/4k.
I never heard of apples touch bar even though i'm all about tech, i think it probably only garners interest for the IOS/APPLE fanboys
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