Zelda Breath Of The WIld

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I have really struggled to put this game down.
I am a long time Zelda fan, so am always going favor these games, it was one of my first major game i got hooked into when i was a young lad.

I am breath taken by how amazing this game is, Honestly as far as RPG's go, this is up there near the top.

The graphics are beautiful with alot more detail than i would of through.
Weapons and tactics to take down mobs or enemies if very very very good, everyone has there own take on how to take something down.
One thing that strikes me the most is how dam well the Physics have been implemented into this game, it really does put another spin on the whole game, allowing more than one solution to everything, traveling and just some dam fun!

I am disappointed by the dungeons, Zelda for me always shined through its dungeons, always having 10 - 15 per game MIN, and a massive amount of depth per dungeon.

But the main dungeons 4 or 5 of them are more of just a puzzles and very little battling, i don't think there is much depth to them at all.
While some of the puzzles seem hard, when you take a step back, they are very simple physics.
I used to love spending hours per dungeon going through multiple floors and rooms and getting lost and solving various puzzle to progress.
These dungeons are very small and can be cleared easily within 30 minutes or less.
(Give you a idea, i have completed Zelda : The Ocarina Of Time about 30 times, recently played it on my adnroid as a complete play-through, ive spent longer in 1 dungeon in Ocarina of time, than i will for all the mains dungeons combined in this game)

There are of course 140 mini dungeons, but again, these aint no dungeons, just small rooms with unique puzzles that need to be solved.
A great element dont get me wrong, but its just NOT A DUNGEON.

It feels like they spent so much time creating the open world and hyrule, they simply rushed the dungeons or didnt think they needed them.

Dont get me wrong, just because it lakes dungeons, it does not means it lacks gameplay, You can easily rack up a 200 hours gameplay completing this to 100%, This is just my own take and what i favor from all other Zelda games.
I think at the moment i am about 45 hours in and i have completed 2 main dungeons and only 1/3 of the mini dungeons.
I have not touched many side quests and still have the DLC to plow through!
I still have like 70% of the map to explore properly!

it has to be a clear 9/10 for this game. I would be a clear 10/10 if it had more to the dungeons, but this is my own taste, and i see after reading many peoples response and feedback the new method they went down with the open world and smaller more puzzle based dungeons and shrines that ALOT of people have taken to it! Even people who have previously disliked Zelda games.

On another note @InfiniteStates Weapon durability, I thought it was a pain in the ass at first. But its made the game alot of fun, simply equipping one weapon and plowing through them like a hot knife and butter just does not work and the game wont allow it. It forces you to use a more tactical play to taking down mobs and enemies.
Parry / blocking and counter striking becomes a must to save weapons, a selection and changing weapons is a must as some weapons work better than others against X Y Z. Arrows for stunning, and then mixing it up using your powers like bombs and pausing time to get in valuable strikes.

I hated it at first, but i am actually really liking it, If it pisses you off that much, get 13 hearts and go and get the master sword.
It never brakes, well it has a 7/10 minute cool down if it brakes, but you always have it in your inventory.
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