House - MD is real

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And practically every doctor is House.

Doctors spend years training and absorbing information, all of it vital to save our lives. It used to be a simple thing and mostly experimental, especially going back a few hundred years, but these days much more is known about human biology. And this has to be learned, by the modern Doctor.

ChubbyEMU on YouTube has a long series of videos, some patients die, some live, but all proving that being a doctor today is complicated. Partly because symptoms are so vague but can point to different problems, it's how doctors come to the right diagnosis given so few symptoms that astounds me.

This woman overdoses on salt, they discover why she's also psychotic.

A kid overdoses on vitamins

A student gets food poisoning and complicates it with pepto bismol
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very interesting, especially vitamin one.
I have to have blood test monthly to check my vitamin replacements don't cause build ups aswell
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