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Intel Nuc beats the Mac Mini

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:02 pm
by Dazbobaby
I do love the Apple ecosystem, but those prices... they're getting really rediculous these days and the new iMac 's, we'll you'd be nuts to buy a new iMac today, because tomorrow when you need to upgrade it... You have NO chance, throw it out and buy another.
OK so a little OTT, you wouldn't throw it out, you'd sell it or repurpose it, but still, you'd have to buy another iMac and drop a wedge of cash.

I've once managed to get a Hackintosh working, and while it did work it barely functioned at all.

But Snazzy Labs manages it, strangely enough he also buys a lot of Macs...? Why?

So why not build a Hackintosh from an Intel Nuc and beat Apple in every way shape and form, plus save a couple of hundred into the bargain.