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There have been some amazing TV shows lately, some on Netflix, satellite, a couple on Amazon Prime and some on terrestrial TV.
The last one I saw that gripped me and has sadly now finished is

Though the last episode did feel a little rushed, it tied up the last couple of episodes nicely and finished on a solid High.

It's with a heavy heart that it has to end, but like all great TV shows, that's what they do. Some you're just happy to see the end of, Lost for example left people wondering "what the actual feck just happened", it's end was a both a relief and a total mystery. And it all started out so well.
This could have continued to this day, but the cast all wanted too much money and the network had to pull the plug. $1,000,000 per cast member per show was too much to ask.
I never saw one single episode, but to this day the theme makes me seriously melancholy. Why?
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Of course the 80's saw an insurgence of great TV from the USA
Cheers being another

M*A*S*H being one from the 70's

And definitely not forgetting this little beauty

As for a newish show, if you like detective drama's then this is fantastic.
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