Is advertising becoming invasive? I think so...

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Unread post Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:01 pm

Earlier on today I installed a copy of Corel VideoStudio from 2017.
I have a legitimate licence for it.
I installed it from a HDD backup.
I didn't go online to install it.
No big deal right?

So why is it the very first advert I see after installing it is an advert for the latest version of the software?
tracking much?
tracking much?
I mean it's not like I have a cookie that corel could read and know that I'm interested in a video editing package. Maybe they tracked a cookie from youtube, I have been comparing editors (Davinci Resolve looks like a winner TBH).
It's not the first time I've been tracked, a few weeks ago a few of us on here were talking about Nintendo and I googled the 3DS, for current pricing. The I went to CEX, not via a link, but by typing the URL into firefox... and immediately I was presented with 3DS consoles for sale.

I really am begining to dislike Corel, VideoStudio has a pop-up advert window asking if I want to buy the latest version, even if I haven't used it for a while (a day or more), and even if my browser is closed... it's will just pop-up of it's own volition, and I can't click anything to stop it.
GDPR anyone?
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