NVidia RTX Series

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I'm tempted to upgrade to an RTX 2070 (the 2080's are way too expensive), but I won't be buying one any time soon, it's too expensive.
£550 or there abouts for a graphics card, is ridiculous. Sure it's a lot more powerful than my 1070 which is actually 4K capable in every game I play, so it's got a little life left. BUT WTF is wrong with that price.

I honestly don't believe that this is the actual cost of investment, marketing, and silicon, I think this is a case that NVidia need to keep their shareholders happy.
After the BOOM that was the 10 series GPU and crypto-mining, buying any 10 series graphics card was almost impossible, miners went for these cards an incredible rate, and they sold out at incredible rates. You were lucky if you could get any card.
So NVidia's profits soar to never before levels, leaving gamers without hardware and shareholders wanting more.

But just before the announcement do the RTX cards, crypto-mining fell through the floor and the cards stopped selling and profits plummeted.
Now this leaves NVidia with one option, launch the RTX cards but at a high price. Also keep the 10 series priced artificially high too. If they don't, then profits WILL fall further, shareholder will run, share prices will fall and heads will roll. The company will survive, but investment will be hard to find and innovations will suffer.

To be honest, I think Apple are in the same situation, they have to keep their product prices high to keep their share prices up and investors happy.

Then there's this one little thing that kind of confuses me.
The RTX series has a built in core dedicated to one thing only, Raytracing. It's called the RT core. It's got one job to do, calculate light bouncing around and accurately create reflections.

So why is it when you run Battlefield 5 (the only game to currently support raytracing) and turn on RTX you get enormous drops in frame rate? Do these RT cores really exist? Why, if the RT cores are calculating beams of light, does the rest of the GPU slow down? What is the rest of the GPU doing, is it calculating these beams of light?
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