Jailbreaking Apple TV 4 10.4

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I love my apple TV, so did my mum, I have a huge collection of music, audiobooks, films and Tv, and while my film tastes swings mostly to horror, I do like indie and mainstream too, like everything in my collection, it's eclectic and mum enjoyed a lot of it too.

Shortly after she died I did some retail therapy and bought the Apple TV 4k, and it's amazing, but it did replace the older Apple TV 4, which has been sat in a drawer for months now doing nothing.

So I decided to jailbreak it today, but I didn't look up the version number of TVos. I just thought it's been a while, the jailbreak must still be working right...? WRONG.

Fixing one problem after another, reading incomplete tutorials that send you off on irrelevant tangents only to come back to square one. I obviously didn't get it to work, but it's always fun and challenging to fix problems as you go.

I did it to try and install some retro emulators (SNES being one) and hopefully play some old school games, and of course it's free because I don't have to scour ebay for old consoles and games.

The moral of the story... check the software version numbers before spending hours trying to install a jailbreak that won't work.
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