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Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:04 pm
by Dazbobaby
Just a drunken hypothetical question, should Sony make their operating system open source?

The PS3 is almost impossible to replicate properly in emulation, the cell processor was just to different from anything made at the time or since, and it's a dead or dying platform. But with the right tools and source code, it could be recompiled for x86 use and it's life extended. Imagine playing all your favourite games again, this time on a PC with so much power it can manage the resolution and frame rates that would make a PS3 owner jealous.
RDR 1 + Zombies, Battlefield Bad Company, Crash Commando and a whole hell of a lot more, all brought back to life and glorious 1080P or 4K.

Of course there are serious security implications for Sony. But like I said it's an almost dead platform, let people play and run wild. Remove the parts that aren't safe to leave open, but somehow still allow full use.

Personally I'd love to see it, boot an OS designed just for gaming, one that's streamlined and fast, but also allows all the features that the PS3 had, like dynamic themes, custom wallpapers and sounds, PSN login (if possible). I'm not sure this is doable, but it'd be awesome to see and would go along way to improving PC - PS3 communities.

The PS4 will almost certainly not happen for another 10 years, and it has all the same security problems that the PS3 has, and more. There are probably the same library codes for security on the PS4 that there was on the PS3, but... the PS4 uses the same CPU and GPU architecture as the PC... more or less. So in time the PS4 OS could really sing on a PC with faster hardware and more of it.

A PlayStation 5 will no doubt be coming soon, and it will probably be using the same kind of architecture as the PS4, only faster, much faster. So the PS5 SHOULD be backwards compatible. Put it this way, if fucking better be. Microsoft have this nailed, and are constantly adding games to the BC list for the Xbox one+ from the Xbox 360, and it helps keep older games alive, not only that, but people who only just joined the Microsoft clan can catch up on what they missed. Sure you can buy old games on ebay for a fiver or less, but they're also available digitally, making Microsoft and the dev/publisher more money.

But there are rumours abound about the PS6 and Xbox whatever never being made. This I think is just a rumour, but it's a rumour with a modecum of substance, if it's true and PS6 and Xbox whatever are just streaming machines... then why bother? You'll just rent the hardware and software, there'll be no physical copies of games to show on your shelves. It would be a shame to see the beloved console market come to an end in such a low fashion.
So if this is the case, then open up your source code and let up relive all the glorious games ever made.

Pro's: EVERYTHING! Booting an operating system that is designed from the ground up for Gaming.

Con's: Lots, mostly security of PSN and piracy.

Worth a discussion?

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:16 pm
Part of there system is open source, as they are standard Unix library's

Should the whole thing be made open source?
While it would be nice to see, with open source comes two things.
Transparency, means reusing code, extraction and redistribution, could be for the better, could be for the worse. But at a very min, emulation comes along. An this is where reverser engineering comes in. With open source there is no reverse engineering. It would allow my PC to compile the source with the correct GPU drivers to emulate the OS and run it on my PC.

When console like nintendo get hacked / exploited / comprised. They are done so to the root level, meaning reverse engineering and viewing the compiled code possible. Allowing things like emulation to occur on there own console.
Emulation being running pirated games.

Secondly, bug bounty. Have a look at android, as a bug bounty, there are many many many security vulnerabilities, as they are exposed. Google patch them, then a year later is goes down to the device.
Rooting / top level access on the phones is possible, an there for not as secure as IOS. IOS has its vulnerabilities but Google has more, an this is because of its transparency of the source code.

Imagin how many patches they would have to release ASAP to close major loopholes that allow root level access to the console. 9/10 consoles would be exploited and allow unsighed code to be ran on them.

Also let's not forget if it's going to be open source, then so will the security / encryption of key signing before CPU and OS. Meaning anything is possible.

It would be nice, it just would never happen, too much of a risk factor loosing money

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:19 pm
by Dazbobaby
If not the PS4, then what about the PS3, it's still insecure and like I said, it's an almost dead console, so at least open source the OS so PC's can run PS3 games. Might it even open up more users to PSN and keep people buying from the PSN store?

Plus if a PC boot directly into the OS (no windows/OS X/Linux) then surely it's still mostly secure.

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:59 pm
Again I would look at nintendo as an example. Actually also playstation.

They are still selling games that have been released in older consoles as they are great games.
An the only way to play them is either on a console, or by emulating.
Am emulating is not still perfect. I mean you cannot even run 3DS games smooth on great games, never mind the wii.
Ps3 games cannot be emulated properly. An ps2 games some still have issues.

Leaves a large market for great games. Am sure Charlie or sys will add more, but I have seen screenshot of the switch an it appears to have a emulation or all old style classic games. An it appears to be very popular.

Even though these games can be emulated, it proves there is still a Market.

I don't disagree, am all for open source. I can just see why its all closed.

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:33 pm
Just on that point. On a news feed this cropped up ironically..... ... me-history

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:55 pm
by Dazbobaby
Will Nintendo keep offering obscure, old games and spend money on hosting them on the company's servers if they're not going to turn a profit?
This is the problem, and it's happening faster than ever, how often do you hear of games that were released 5 years ago having servers shutdown?

And that's just EA.

I think once a game server or service is ended and the game is obsolete, then the publisher/developer should make all code available to everyone, not just so we can keep playing, but also for historical reasons.
One problem with Ninty and Microsoft backwards compatibility and emulation is that it makes pirating a 20 year old game illegal, yet it's 20+ years old, if you didn't offer emulation today then no one would even know about them let alone replay them, of course there are always some die-hards who will, the emulation scene is very strong today. Sure some people will still want to play Zelda, Mario Kart, DK, Mario Brothers games, even on modern consoles, so maybe it's time the law stepped in and decreed a maximum copyright and IP of say 10 years per title. After that all source needs to be made available?

There should be a middle ground, yet there isn't. Copyright and IP goes on for up to 120 years. But that's for print, and eventually extended to audio and video, and now video games. But these are a completely different entity. I seriously doubt people will want to play Super Mario Kart in another 90 years. Sure the examples above are some of the best games ever made, but the number of people playing them must be shrinking all the time. In 20 years kids and young adults of today will be reminiscing about game like fifa 18 and CoD Black Ops, and not about some game thats nigh on 50 years old.

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:41 am
by Dazbobaby
Just a little sidenote, ID Software made the original Doom Series and Quake series open source. They released all the source code.
What a move, it made things like GL Quake and the new RTX Quake 2 possible, and as a result, still relevant today.

Re: Should PS3/4 OS be open source?

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:17 pm
by Dazbobaby
I was looking at Wikipedia and all the games released for the PS3... OMG.
Some belters amongst the chaff. ... on_3_games ... ed_on_disc

BF1943 for one.